Répondant à tout le Parc de véhicules européens et asiatiques, vous allez trouver la référence qu’il vous faut parmis notre vaste gamme de produits de qualité première monte.

Avec confiance, fiabilité et rapidité, nos conseillers répondront à vos
demandes sous 24 heures. La meilleure façon de vous accompagner dans vos achats et de parcourir les produits SYNCRONIX en toute tranquillité. Trouvez toutes les références SYNCRONIX et les références OE.

Gamme de courroies

Comline places offers safety, reliability and performance of its braking products with every specification for every part number being subject to scrutiny. Independent ECE R90 certification of our brake pad numbers or 100% dyno testing of our brake discs.

Kits de distribution

Comline's Engine and Cooling range is small in terms of product groups though like all of our range it is only our most trusted products that Comline Technical allows through to market such as our Water Pump range which we have been selling for over 10 years.

Galets tendeurs et enrouleurs

Following its launch to market in early 2013, Comline motor oil continues to gain acceptance in the European marketplace. This high-performance range now consists of 13 variants covering a wide range of European, Japanese and Korean applications.


The Comline range now encompasses over 1800 part numbers across the air, oil, fuel and cabin/activated carbon filter categories,. Each and every Comline filter is manufactured to precise specifications to ensure performance, reliability and ease of fitment. 

Pompes à eau

Comline's value-for-money ethos ensures your business gets the sale and makes the margins it deserves. The range includes: - Control Arms - Stabiliser Links - Ball Joints - Tie Rods - Tie Rod Ends - Suspension Bushes - Suspension Kits

Pompes à carburant

Providing O.E. matching quality transmission parts at prices which are certainly not O.E. matching! Our transmission section includes Clutch Kits and CV joints currently. Please read on below for more information and to find the part for your car.


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