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On sale at GETCO, supplier of ATE car parts: pads, discs, drums, shoes, callipers, brake fluid…

As a braking specialist and key player in the market, ATE innovates and supports the automotive industry, manufacturing original quality certified spare parts such as brake wear parts, hydraulic parts, special tools, and control devices.

Genuine brake pads

This new generation of low-dust inserts guarantees reduced wear, improved durability and bright rims.

ATE PowerDisc

Sporty design, increased power and safety, and wear control at a glance. And the advantages of the ATE PowerDisc brake disc don't stop there!

Coated brake discs

An extremely resistant alloy that is doubly precise in its application, for perfect results from every point of view.

Brake discs with mounting bolt

We pay attention to the whole system, right down to the smallest details. For many models, the original ATE brake discs are delivered with the appropriate mounting bolts.

Two-part brake discs

Reduced weight, improved handling. In the field of brake disc manufacture for sports vehicles, where the requirements for braking systems are extremely high ...

Brake discs with integrated wheel bearing

The individual components have also become lighter and more powerful, but also more fragile. Here the risk of damage is reduced to a minimum, and you can be sure ...

Drum brake shoes

Perfect protection thanks to powder coating. At ATE, a low price is also a guarantee of quality. Even our drum brake shoes are powder coated...

Brake drums

Excellent materials, easy assembly. For our customers, our requirements are drastic: every one of our products must be of ATE quality, which of course applies to our brake drums .

TopKit & kits

Perfect fit and time saving. The reason we spend so much time designing our products is to save you as much time as possible. Maximum safety with TopKits...

ATE brake fluids

Solutions that meet all requirements. When things get complicated, we turn on the fifth! The characteristics of our brake fluids therefore vary depending on the application. Viscosity and boiling point...

Brake calipers

Outstanding quality and permanent availability. Before joining the range, our brake calipers are subjected to severe testing. Only when they have passed the stress tests and various simulations is their quality validated.

Master cylinders

With its compact design, the plunger MCT is the ideal solution for small space requirements. With half the number of components than a conventional master cylinder with a central valve, it is almost 20% lighter than a conventional master cylinder with a central valve.

Wheel cylinders

Wheel cylinders of exceptional durability. We have developed our own quality standard, which is much stricter than the legal requirements. Our wheel cylinders comply with this standard, which means that they are exceptionally strong and have a long service life...


High braking power - mile after mile. We make no difference between original and replacement parts: the quality is the same, i.e. excellent. This also applies to our brake booster. Reliable and durable Quality materials, meticulous manufacturing and ingenious design...

Brake Corrector

Double interest: a load-sensitive Twin corrector. For our braking correctors, we use the recognized technologies of the braking specialist: so that you benefit from the exceptional quality of an original equipment manufacturer. The correctors are available for the majority of standard vehicle models...

Brake hoses

Normality? Too little for ATE. In terms of quality, ATE refuses to compromise. Our brake hoses therefore go beyond current standards. Meeting the extremely high standards of the specific ATE standard, the hoses are....

Clutch cylinders

In order to be able to offer extremely durable and high quality clutch cylinders, we have been imaginative: we use very special manufacturing techniques that guarantee minimum wear, maximum reliability, etc.

Clutch cables

OEM quality in every detail. The quality of a system depends on the quality of its individual components. This is why, at ATE, we also put our expertise at the service of the design and production of clutch cables.

Handbrake cables

Small but quality For ATE, every detail counts. For example, our handbrake cables meet the highest requirements and are manufactured with the same care as all other spare parts of the brand: a system is only perfect if all its individual components are perfect too!

Wheel speed sensors

An intelligent service for intelligent sensors In addition to quality products, ATE also offers intelligent services, which make your work on the shop floor easier and save you time, money and energy.

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