Over 45 years of experience, Remsa is today a worldwide manufacturer in brake parts for automotive Industry. Our history is a story of continuous improvement and technological development which has placed our company among the greatest brake pads manufacturers leading the production for aftermarket segment into the European Market.

Brake Pads

This product range covers European, American, Japanese, Korean and Australian applications with more than 2000 different part numbers...

Discs and Drums

Following the five year joint development and evolution we are in a position to offer a complete range (99% of the European market)...

Brake Shoes

With a product range further 700 references, REMSA is fully prepared to satisfy the demand for brake shoes to fit European, American and Asian vehicles.

Super/Precision Kit

Precision Kit assures an efficient braking replacing all the dynamic components taking part in the brake drum system. Remsa checks the Super Precision Kit working with the exclusive quality control system Spring Test.


In the hydraulic brake systems, the driver’s braking effort is transmitted using fluid under pressure which is conveyed by a Master Cylinder, to the brake cylinders (brake drums system) or the brake calipers (brake disc system).

Brake Hoses

Remsa Brake Hoses exceeds international specifications SAE J1401 and FMVSS 106.ensures a better brake fluid flow and an optimal hydraulic pressure essential for a proper function of safety equipments as ABS, ESC,…

Dot-4 Brake fluid

Remsa DOT 4 Brake Fluid is recommended for all hydraulic brake and clutch systems for which a non-petroleum fluid is specified. Exceeds specifications SAE J1703 and ISO 4925. Minimum Dry Boiling Point 260 °C.

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