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Since 1927, NRF has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling products for the automotive aftermarket. NRF is renowned for its high-quality radiators, but also for its specialization in engine cooling and air conditioning products. The range comprises 8,000 products and continues to grow. With its excellent (online) ordering platforms, worldwide distribution network and 24-hour delivery time, NRF is your partner of choice for automotive aftermarket.


NRF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality radiators with original equipment specifications. NRF radiators are recognized for their excellent performance...

Air coolers

With a competitive range of around 600 air coolers, NRF offers a wide range for the most popular makes and models of vehicles to cover 90% of the European vehicle fleet.

Oil coolers

NRF offers a wide range of 250 oil coolers for application to a variety of automotive products. NRF is continually expanding its range of oil coolers to meet market demand.

EGR coolers

NRF is the first (aftermarket) specialist offering a complete range of EGR coolers with OE specifications. The current range includes more than 60 EGR coolers. In order to meet the market demand...

Radiator fans

More than 600 unique fans fit perfectly in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Covering approximately 75% of the fleet, NRF is on track to achieve 90% coverage.

Fan clutches

NRF offers a wide range of 400 fan clutches. NRF is distinguished by the integration of a quality control report. This quality control report is produced during a performance test...

Fan blades

NRF fan blades are extremely durable due to their 100% virgin materials. Compatible fan clutches are also available in different types: bimetallic, pneumatic and electromagnetic.


For maximum performance, the systems used such as parallel flow, coils or tubes and fins are designed according to the original equipment. NRF condensers are built by QS-9000 or ISO 9002 certified manufacturers .


All NRF compressors have passed rigorous performance and durability tests. NRF compressors are filled with the right PAG oil with double capped ends. All NRF compressors are new (never reconditioned) .


NRF offers a wide range of more than 100 references covering approximately 500 references. NRF evaporators are designed, manufactured and tested to meet original equipment requirements.


All NRF heaters are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the original equipment. All NRF heaters are helium leak tested during production....

Dehydrating tanks

NRF offers a competitive range of more than 260 high quality dehydrating tanks. The range covers 65% of the vehicle fleet with approximately 1500 original equipment references .

Passenger compartment boosters

NRF offers about 170 interior blowers. The number of products is growing rapidly. Today, the range covers 45% of the vehicle fleet with more than 550 original equipment references.


NRF regulators are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. The range of regulators includes more than 15 orifice tubes and 45 regulators, covering 400 OE references.

Pressure switches and pressure sensors

All NRF pressure switches and sensors are manufactured to meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Covering more than 250 OE references.

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