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Continental Contitech

Précision maximale, fonctionnement sans entretien et efficacité jusqu’à 99 %, en tant que fabricant d’une gamme complète de courroies d’entraînement, Continental propose une gamme entière de courroies synchrones en caoutchouc et polyuréthane.

Distribution belts

Timing belts for camshaft drives, balancing shafts, injection pumps or water pumps.

Ribbed belts

Ribbed belts for accessory drive components for cars and commercial vehicles.

ELAST ribbed belts

Elastic ribbed belts for auxiliary drives, without idler.


V-belts for accessory drive components for cars and commercial vehicles.

Distribution kit

Kit including timing belt, idler, guide rollers and all necessary consumable supplies

Distribution kit + water pump

Includes timing belt, idler, guide rollers, water pump and all necessary consumable supplies

Distribution chain kit

Complete kit with timing chain, belt tensioner, tensioning rail, slide and sprocket.

Ribbed belt kit

The repair kit includes the ribbed belt, idlers, idlers and small parts.

ELAST ribbed belt + tool

Kit includes elastic grooved belt, disposable mounting tool and mounting instructions

Ribbed belt + damper pulley

Includes a grooved belt, a damper pulley and all necessary screws and gaskets

Alternator overrunning pulleys

The alternator overrunning alternator pulley is a further development of the fixed alternator pulley.

Damper pulleys

Damper pulleys (TVD) dampen vibrations at the crankshaft, ensuring quiet operation of the belt and belt drive components.

Water pumps

As the main component of the cooling circuit, the water pump allows the engine to be sufficiently cooled under all circumstances.

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