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On sale at GETCO, supplier of Delphi Technologies auto parts: electronics, steering, suspension, braking, HVAC systems, engine management, fuel systems…

Delphi Technologies’ cover all the needs of recent vehicles, from electronics and steering to suspension, braking, HVAC, engine management and fuel systems — whatever the engine: hybrid, petrol, or diesel. The aim is to offer innovations that make vehicles safer, more environmentally friendly, and better connected. GETCO auto parts supplier Delphi Technologies, delivers to more than 35 countries, in Africa, Middle East, Latin America and DOM-TOM.

Ignition coil

Tighter emissions regulations, less engine space, and higher fuel economy and ignition voltage requirements. With more than 100 years of expertise in OE ignition systems...

Cabin air filters

The cabin filter cleans the outside air entering the vehicle. The installation of a high-performance cabin filter, such as the one from Delphi Technologies, is essential to eliminate these harmful pollutants...

Stabilizer Bars

A stabilizer bar, or anti-roll bar or stabilizer linkage, connects the left and right wheels of the vehicle via the linkage, reducing roll when cornering and cushioning shocks caused by potholes and rough roads .

Rubber-metal parts

Delphi's rubber-metal components absorb unwanted vibration and noise, ensuring a comfortable, quiet ride, and also improving vehicle stability and safety.

Suspension arms and triangles

You'll probably want to use the Delphi Technologies brand of quality steering, which delivers the same performance as original equipment parts.


Manufactured to OEM standards, full crack testing, chloroprene rubber protection, high specification grease and cataphoretic coating.

Gasoline fuel injection

Our first Multec® 14 (M14) pressure injection system at 350 bar raises the bar by increasing the injection pressure from 200 to 350 bar. The latest-generation system generates 70% fewer emissions and reduces fuel consumption...

Modules and fuel pumps

Lack of fuel? Extreme temperatures ? Don't worry! Delphi created the superheroes of the fuel module and pump universe, and we have 150 patents to prove it. So get ready: the number of satisfied customers will continue to grow.

Engine management

ABS Sensors, Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors, Camshaft Phase Shifter, Coolant Temperature Sensors, Differential Pressure Sensors, EGR Valves, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Knock Sensors, MAF Sensors, MAP Sensors, Oil Pressure Sensors, Oxygen Sensors, Throttle Body Position Sensor, Transmission Speed Sensors.

Brake fluid

Also called hydraulic fluid, our products are formulated to obtain minimum and maximum viscosity, chemical stability at high temperature and pH balance adapted to each application...

Brake discs

ECE R90 certified discs. Whatever the technology, you can be sure that every Delphi disc has been designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure the best braking performance .

Brake drums

Delphi brake drums are precision manufactured from high quality thermally conductive cast iron. Delphi brake drums are designed to OEM standards.

Master cylinders, wheel cylinders and slave cylinders

Reliability being crucial, we manufacture our master cylinders, wheel cylinders and slave cylinders from high quality cast iron and aluminum...

Brake pads

Our brake pads are designed, manufactured and tested to the same performance standards as original equipment parts. "5 layers of quality" Delphi Technologies is the name we give it...

Brake shoes

Equipped with high-quality friction linings and securely attached to the high-strength steel frame, Delphi brake shoes are designed to match the power, stability and durability of OE brake parts.

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