In addition to specific solutions for car manufacturers, we provide a wide range of services and original parts for the aftermarket.

Controls for central locking systems

Our controls are extremely reliable and operate at the touch of a button.

Motor Controls

Our engine controls optimize the potential of modern engine management ensuring excellent performance at all times.

Instrumentation Sensors

Our sensors are used to measure data essential to the proper functioning of a vehicle and to ensure its durability.

Sensors for engine managementSensors for engine management

Sensors help reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. They play an important role in engine performance and vehicle safety and ensure greater driving comfort.

Windshield and headlamp washer systems

Our cleaning systems for windshields and headlights are designed to improve visibility.

Ventilation and blower systems

Our blower and ventilation systems are used to ventilate the passenger compartment, defrost the windows, regulate the temperature inside the vehicle or cool the engine.

Motorized cabin ventilation systems

Motorized ventilation systems regulate the amount of air diffused into the passenger compartment. The quality of these products allows high efficiency and minimal noise pollution.

Fuel Supply Systems

Having enough fuel in the tank is essential for the proper operation of a vehicle.

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